2 a : a part of the human scalp with attached hair cut or torn from an enemy as a token of victory. Scalp definition, the integument of the upper part of the head, usually including the associated subcutaneous structures. Scalp - scalp - her me calling. Scalp - the devil Slayers dubStep balance. To cut or tear the scalp from. To deprive of top growth or a top layer: land scalped by strip miners.

To screen or sieve ore before further processing scalped ore (surgery) to remove the skin. (milling) to brush the hairs or fuzz from (wheat grains, etc.) in the process of high milling. Origin cafe Originally a northern word, and therefore presumed to come from a scandinavian source, although the sense-development is unclear; compare Old Norse skÃlpr (sheath middle dutch schelpe (shell. Scalp - investment finance definition In the futures industry, trading for small gains. It normally involves establishing and selling a position very quickly, often within minutes or hours on the same day. In the securities industry, the undisclosed selling of a security by a person or entity such as an investment adviser, securities research analyst, or financial newsletter writer who is simultaneously recommending that the security be bought. The actions of market maker who adds an excessive markup to a trade transaction, in violation of the rules of fair Practice of the national Association of Securities dealers (nasd). Synonyms Sentences Sentence examples.

of Scandinavian origin ; see skel- 1 in Indo-european roots. Related Forms: scalper noun scalp noun ( plural scalps) (now dialectal) The top of the head; the skull. The part of the head where the hair grows from, or used to grow from. A part of the skin of the head, with the hair attached, formerly cut or torn off from an enemy by native american warriors as a token of victory. Some tribes used to collect scalps to prove how many of the enemy they had killed in battle. (Scotland) A bed or stratum of shellfish ; a scaup. (figuratively) The top ; the summit. Verb ( third-person singular simple present scalps, present participle scalping, simple past and past participle scalped) to remove the scalp (part of the head from where the hair grows by brutal act or accident. (slang) to resell, especially tickets, usually for an inflated price, often illegally.

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Informal to scalp bonds, tickets, etc. Scalp noun, the skin haar covering the top of the human head. A portion of this skin with its attached hair, cut from a body especially as a battle trophy or venusheuvel as proof in claiming a bounty. A piece of hide from the skull of certain animals, such as the fox, shown as proof of killing in order to collect a bounty. Verb scalped, scalping, scalps verb transitive, to cut or tear the scalp from. To deprive of top growth or a top layer: land scalped by strip miners. To resell at a price higher than the established value: scalping tickets to the baseball game. To buy and sell (securities or commodities) in order to make small quick profits.

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People who already had a handle on the reading and writing would be put in a position where they would be mandated, or persondated, into sharing and being patient in providing the information that they know or helping people to access the information more readily. The responsibility would be everyones. People would be looking for people who couldnt read and write and looking to assist them, thats what the Act would have done. It would have made environments, wherever people worked, where they would have to be more sensitive to the possibility that there might be people who cant access reading and writing and make it their responsibility to help those people. And responsibility didnt mean throwing tons of money. It meant the Act was operating more on what you can do, you know, what you can do for other people, not what the government can. It was to take it out of the hands of the government — make them responsible, but take it out of their hands — and put it into the hands of Canadians as individuals, as groups, as organizations, as corporations, put it into their hands. Jerry lee miller has participated in the literacy movement, in community-based and school board literacy programs as a learner, a facilitator, an activist, an outreach worker, an illustrator and artist, a researcher and project coordinator. You could see one of his most excellent projects, The joy of Homework, at ml but they have taken it down now :-(.


People would be helping people, directing them on the streets without a second thought about whether they could read or write or understand the signs. Youd be able to walk into any office anywhere and they would be more than happy to provide you with information. We would be raising a generation of students, creme university and college students, who would be more than happy to share with you all that they had learned in their four or five or ten years of university. None of these things happened. They didnt happen and the Act didnt pass but I still have hope.

But it was supposed to be an Act that anybody and everybody could see their part. And it would bring us all closer together. The Act wouldve brought clear language into the foreground. Right now, its still kind of a misty area because people think that simple language is clear language when it isnt. Clear language means clear— crystal clear — crystal clear, understandable language. The Act would have helped to promote, push that to the foreground. People who were learning how to read would have entry level materials available for them through government organizations.

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There is a structure thats interested in trying to elevate people to the best that reuma they can possibly. Now that is what i imagined the Act was going. It would involve everybody. Everybody would be involved with. People would see that this one is one that they can fix, that we would spend the next ten serum years working diligently towards trying to make canada as literate as it possibly can. And it would fundamentally change everything. Youd be able to rent a car easily, regardless of who you are. Your lawyer would be making sure that you could understand every nuance of your leasing agreement for your new apartment.


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Under the act, the government of Canada would consider literacy to be a human right and a political right; recognize that an individuals lack of literacy skills or education is not a personal failure, but a social failure; enshrine equal access to information, to all. In this cream interview, jerry lee miller, a member of the learner Action Committee, reflects on what the canada literacy Act could have meant. If you want to use these clips, please check with Jerry lee - contact us and we will put you in touch. The canada literacy Act passes. Now, how i imagined it would be? Well, lets look to Star Trek. On Star Trek everybody has a great education, nobody reads friggin book except for Picard, and he does it because its a hobby. When I take apart Star Trek and the things that I like in it — is how it operates as a community, everybody is educated to their maximum level, people are provided with lots of information — it appears that way anyway.

Vybrat zemi, vyberte zemiExotické lokaceOtevřené v létěpředpovídán je nový sníh10 nejchladnějších středisek - new south WalesAustralia - tasmaniaaustralia - herzegovinaBulgariacanada - albertaCanada - bccanada - manitobaCanada - new BrunswickCanada - newfoundlandCanada - nscanada - ontariocanada - quebecCanada - saskatchewanChileChina - hebeiChina - heilongjiangChina - ji linChina. goldingenAversBeatenbergBelalp - blatten - natersBellwald / GomsBergün / BravuognBettmeralp - aletschbiviobosco gurinBraunwaldBrienz - - la chiabumbach / Schangnaubürchen - montanaDallenwil - grimmialpDiemtigtal - springenbodenDiemtigtal - wiriehornDisentisEbnat-Kappel - - fideriser heubergefiesch - eggishorn - aletschFlims laax FaleraFlumserbergFrutigen - elsigen - metschGiswil - mörlialpGluringen - gomsGoms. Peter - pagigStaldenried - gsponSte-Croix / Les RassesStoosThusis - tschappina - urmeinThyon-Printzetorgon-Les Portes du soleilTramelan et RégionTrogen - - toggenburgUrnerbodenVal MüstairVal-de-Travers / la robellaVallée de des Alpes - tête. In the 1980s, the learner Action Committee of the movement for Canadian Literacy actively lobbied to pass a canada literacy Act. Years of research, development and lobbying by the learner Action Group of Canada resulted in the canada literacy Act, which was to be read as a private members Bill in 1996. The bill was never read in parliament. The canada literacy Act would have created an environment of equality in the government and in the community for all people regardless of their level of literacy skills.

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Mid-14c., "top of the head (including hair presumably from a scandinavian source (though exact cognates are wanting) related to Old Norse skalli "a bald head skalpr "sheath, scabbard from the source of scale (n.1). French scalpe, german, danish, Swedish skalp are from English. Meaning "head skin and hair as proof of death or a victory trophy" is from.1600. Definitions scalp the skin on the top and back of the head, usually covered with hair a part of this, cut or torn from the head of an enemy for a trophy, as formerly by certain North American Indians, frontiersmen, etc. A symbol, indication, or recognition of victory, prowess, etc. The skin on the top of the head of a dog, wolf, etc. Informal a small profit made by scalping. Origin of scalp, vitale middle English from Scand, as in Danish dialect, dialectal skalp, pod, shell, Old Norse skalpr, sheath from Indo-european an unverified form skelb-, extension of base an unverified form (s)kel- from source scale to cut or tear the scalp from to cheat. Informal to resell (tickets to the theater, a sports event, etc.) at a price higher than the regular price.

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