Japanese cosmetics brands

japanese cosmetics brands

Range of Victoria secret products. M soapChalet, bangkok, looking for high quality soap? We are a manufacturer of handmade soaps that are moisturizing, long lasting, smell great with a rich lather and environmental friendly. M royal siam Natural health and beauty Ltd. Royal siam brings together wisdom that forms Thai traditional Medicine with scientific developments from around the world. Online products : skin whitening and melasma treatment; anti ageing products; acne treatment; premium skin care products. The royal siam beauty Treatment Centre in sukhumvit road, On Nut, provides treatments using our products.

We work in association with the otop project to support local villages, our products are handmade in rural communities to high standards. M lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. Lion produces a variety of personal care and home products : shower creams, body lotions, shampoos, toothpaste (Salz toothbrushes, mouthwash (Systema baby care products, powder and liquid detergents, softeners, dishwashing liquids. Products widely tuintegels available in supermarkets etc. boots Retail Shop Thailand, boots Thailand has many outlets in the country. Vitamins and food supplements, skin care and oral care products, cosmetics, flagrance, bath and shower products, haircare. Pharmacies in most stores. M beauty bangkok, beauty bangkok is an online cosmetics shop offering the highest quality of beauty products on the Thai market. All the cosmetics are imported from America. They are very popular with American women because they are designed from top-shelf natural ingredients and are of highest quality.

japanese cosmetics brands
lip balm etc. Coconut oil is known for its moisturizing properties. M, institute of beauty and health Sciences. Ibhs develops formulas for personal care, home care, dietary nutrition. Plant extracts technical analysis, human skin and hair testing product efficacy validation, technical analysis (chromatography, in vitro tests). Km interlab is a contract manufacturer for cosmetics and toiletries in Asia. Color cosmetics (lipsticks, powders, pencils, mascara facial skincare (cleansing, toning, moisturizing products soaps, fragrance, hair products, aromatherapy products. M chi Cha na natural. Chi Cha na natural, along with leading Thai professors and herbal practitioners designs, formulates and produces quality beauty products using 100 organic and natural ingredients.
japanese cosmetics brands

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Its more than 300 shops are designed in a buffet style, like at a restaurant and decorated in vividly attracting colors. Thann-Oryza manufactures and sells natural skincare products with natural ingredients under the thann brand name. Aromatherapy products ; face, lip, body, hair and scalp care products. Bed and bath room accessories. Fo picaso powerplus naturals Laboratory. Picaso naturals has Japanese origins. Skin and sun care products, toiletries, hair care products, men's products, make-up products. Located Ladkrabang Industrial Estate.

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Bonjour seems to cater almost every customer needs. The range of products is very broad and you can find products for every budget and needs. When you enter one of the stores you will have an experience and feeling similar to the sasa concept. Products are categorized and divided into major groups like skincare, make-up, fragrances, hair care, healthcare and accessories. Similar to sasa the more expensive and upper scale products are found either in glass cases, behind the counters and/or at the back of the store. My personal impression is that Bonjour sells more beauty accessories than sasa. Prices for brushes, make-up sponges and beauty tools are at a very competitive price level. In addition, you can find the one or other brand name quite heavily discounted there. Colormix, go back, colormix Cosmetics Store, colormix Cosmetics Store, colormix is another cosmetic chain in Hong Kong, but not as big as sasa and Bonjour.

japanese cosmetics brands

Keep the follow advice in mind when you are looking for your products or hunting for make-up and cosmetics bargains: The stores are almost built up after the same concept. Once you figure it outyou have no problem to get in the next one and get what you want in few minutes. Usually, sasa groups and arranges the products according to their product category (e.g. Eye-shadows, lipsticks, cleansers, toner, foundation, etc). So if you are looking for a special eye-liner you have a good chance to find your product in the eye-liner session. The big brand names, high-end and more expensive items (e.g. Lancome, dior, Estee lauder, Annayake, etc.) are located at the back of the store (which makes sensesconsidering online theft and the value of these products).

Some products such as Mascara, foundation, etc. Of expensive brands sometimes are locked in the counter that you need to ask the staffs to fetch them for you. Bonjour, go back, bonjour Cosmetics Store. Bonjour is similar to the above mentioned sasa cosmetic chain store. In the bonjour cosmetic stores you are able to find more than 20,000 beauty and healthcare products. You can find Bonjour stores all over Hong Kong as well as in Macau and guangzhou (Mainland China).

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Besides the official stores of the big players, we at Next Stop Hong Kong recommend you to take a look at the following cosmetics chain stores since they are available almost everywhere in Hong Kong. Be assured you wont be regret to stop by these chain stores since all of them not only offer the most famous and popular brands, but also substantial savings (often up to 70). sasa, bonjour, colormix, angel Cosmetics, aster Cosmetics Center, lanLan Cosmetics house. Watsons and Mannings, sasa, go back, sasa cosmetics Store. Sasa is one the leading cosmetic and retailing beauty services group not only in Hong Kong.

The company has stores in mainland China, macau, malaysia as well as Singapore and offers a wide range of more than 400 famous brands and quality niche brands. There are currently more than 190 of these one-stop cosmetic specialty stores around Asia. If you walk around in the busiest shopping districts of Mongkok, causeway bay or Central you sometimes have the feeling that they are all located on one single road. Especially in Mongkok you just need to walk a few steps and you will hit another branch store. Sasa cosmetics Store, due to hong Kongs high rent, densely populated area as well as the very attractive prices, be prepared when you enter any of the cosmetics stores. The shops use almost every single space for products. Shopping alleys are narrow and especially on weekends, off-office-hours and holidays these cosmetic stores can be quite crowded. Dont get confused or overwhelmed by the sheer variety of the products. At the first moment it seems almost impossible to navigate through the store without any professional help.

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The advantage of shopping at the official retail stores is that you will be able to get the latest collection of make-up faster than the cosmetic chains. Another reason to stop by these stores is that they have special limited edition items or promotion deals depending on the season. For example lancôme offers especially to upcoming holidays very tempting promotions. Last Christmas if you purchased a certain amount of make-up. Hk 800 you could redeem. A nice make-up beauty olaz case including goodies like brushes, mascara, lipsticks, eyeliner etc. Valued more than hk 1000 for just a few hundred.

japanese cosmetics brands

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Like sogo, lane Crawford, etc.) as well as almost every major shopping mall in Hong Kong. Most of the big players have their own stores or counters in the shopping malls (e.g. For further information about shopping and shopping malls in Hong Kong please visit and take a closer look at our article about shopping in Hong Kong. In addition, the major shopping areas such as Tsim Sha Tsui, central, mongkok and causeway bay have several brand name retail stores as well as small boutique shops and stores. Dont expect to get real bargains at these official stores unless cleanser its big holidays such as Chinese new year or Christmas. Certainly, you compare with Europe or the. You find prices already quite attractive.

This article is for all you fashionists around the world who love to shop, drop by one of the many cosmetic stores and pick up the latest fragrance, eye-shadows, lipsticks, powders, brushes or skin-care products. When it comes to cosmetics, make-up, skin-care products and accessories, hong Kong is a heaven and a dream come true for every woman. Hong Kongs diarree cosmetics market is highly competitive and having no sales taxes makes it a no-brainer to go shopping for the big brand names (depending where you are coming from you can save 30-50 sometimes even more). The cosmetic market and industry is an important factor not only for Hong Kongs economy, but also is a huge part of Hong Kongs everyday life. No matter where you go, you wont need to look for too long to find one of the major cosmetics and make-up outlets all over Hong Kong. So where to shop for cosmetics in Hong Kong? If you are looking for the big brand names (Lancome, dior, Chanel, Shu uemura, shiseido, kanebo, estee lauder, Clinique, revlon, loreal, borghese, anna sui, elizabeth Arden, sisley, meiji, moshino, h20, burberry, skii, laneige, fancl, etc. you are able to find them in all the major department stores (e.g.

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Karmarts distributes cosmetic brein products imported from overseas. Finished goods of established makeup and skincare brands. House brands and products of joint research and development. Facial care, body care, nail and hair care products. deonat, nature's own deodorant, deonat mineral deodorant stick is a safe and effective deodorant made from ammonium alum. Ti reduces perspiration, prevents body odour caused by bacteria, provides protection all day long, does not stain clothing and does not leave a residue. Also deonat refreshing powder, and deodorizing foot care powder. Beauty buffet offers a wide range of cosmetic products so that customers can try different kinds of beauty products before confidently selecting their best choice.

Japanese cosmetics brands
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    Centuries later, no self-respecting geisha would employ anything else as a make-up remover. 17 for 14 sheets shop Now tatcha The deep Cleanse. (In case you were wondering about "pa it's part of an additional uva-protection measuring system in some Asian countries; more higher protection.) 10 shop Now kiss me heroine make long and Curl Mascara. Many have become household names with signature products that everyone recognises (Shu uemura eyelash curlers, for example).

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    Another company with a proven track record in research is cbon. Dhc, a large japanese cosmetics manufacturer established in 1972, dhc also produces vitamins, healthy foods, and lingerie. Load more, recommended For you, recently viewed, inquiryabout yesstyleinformationget our app to win us 100.

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    Others are harder to find, with esoteric packaging that belies their efficacy. — and a staple in Japan. It's light as water and just as hydrating, and it contains an ingredient called Pitera (which is derived from yeast).

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    Needless to say, there is little point investing in exceptional products without incorporating them into your beauty regime. Only a small amount is needed (roughly the size of a cherry but the moisturising cleanser lifts impurities like nothing else. After wearing the booties for an hour, remove and rinse. 25 ( Shop Now ) Pola red ba cream This night cream sinks into the skin and works magic overnight with a combo of lotus-root extract and plant proteins.

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    This doesnt mean that the products arent pigmented, but that many of them do suit being worn in quite a way. Dhc's oil is a simple formula at a fantastic price, and some other Japanese brands try to imitate. Must try: Cleansing Oil, recovery gel, Irresistible lips c, gloss Lips, Creamy foundation or Liquid foundation. All of which goes to show that the influence of the far East on the beauty industry cannot be underestimated.

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