Fever treatment at home

fever treatment at home

How to cure a, fever at, home. i am just now starting a home treatment plan so have nothing to report at this time. Whenever the body s temperature is higher than the normal range, it is called a fever. Although we commonly hear that.6 degrees f, or 37 degrees c, is considered normal, this is not a set number that applies universally to all. Get the facts on fever treatment (in children and adults) and symptoms. Learn about causes of fever, home remedies to bring down a high fever, and find out when to call a doctor. Fever treatment : quick guide.

Gov, about the author: Talya dagan is a health advocate and cream health coach, online trained in nutrition and gourmet health food cuisine, writing about natural remedies for disease and nutrition and herbal medicine. You can follow her blog.

fever treatment at home
on the soles of the feet, and cover with socks. 9) Warm a mixture of two tablespoons of olive oil and two large crushed garlic cloves. Apply the mixture under the sole of each foot, wrap each foot with plastic, and keep on for the night. Olive oil and garlic are both wonderful home remedies for fever. 10) For a high fever, soak 25 raisins in half a cup of water. Crush the raisins into the water and strain. Add the juice from a half of a lime to the water and drink twice a day. (If a high fever persists, consult with your medical advisers.) ml.
fever treatment at home

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A high fever should be gone by the next day. Other herbs tanden that can encourage sweating and bring out a fever are peppermint, elderflowers and yarrow. 4) Place a slice of raw onion on the bottom of each foot and wrap feet in a warm blanket. 5) Dip a washcloth in a bowl of warm water mixed with a cup of vinegar. Wring it out, and apply to the forehead to treat a high fever. 6) Add one teaspoon of mustard seeds to one cup of hot water, steep for five minutes, and then drink. 7) Slice a potato and soak the slices in vinegar for ten minutes. Then place the slices on the forehead while you punta lie down and place a washcloth on top. Results should be seen in about 20 minutes.

Fever Treatment, causes home

Infants Babies less than 8 weeks old warning: If you are reading this because your baby has a fever (a temperature of 100.4 or higher stop right now, get on the phone, and call your doctor. A fever in a baby this young is an emergency! A baby less than 8 weeks old can have a fever for many of the same reasons that older kids and adults do, including viral colds and sometimes even stomach flu. The problem is that we cannot tell just by examining a baby whether the fever is caused by a virus or by a bacterial infection. At this age a baby doesn't have all the defenses against bacteria that older people have, and so they can end up with an overwhelming infection, or sepsis. To find out for sure whether a baby with a fever has or does not have a bacterial infection, we need to take samples (of blood and urine, and often of spinal fluid) and try to grow bacteria from them. This can take 2 days, but we have to start giving antibiotics right after taking the culture samples, or else if there is an infection we may not catch it in time. We probably give 95 children antibiotics for 2 days without having to for every 5 children who have infections, but the consequences of not giving antibiotics to the 5 children who need them are such that we take no chances with the other.

fever treatment at home

These are easier to use, of course, but there are studies showing that temporal thermometers do not show true (high) core temperatures in someone with high temperature caused by heat stress - which may make you filler miss rising body temperature in hot weather. Where to take a temperature Under the arm parasol This is the easiest place for a temperature, especially for small children. Place the probe right in the armpit, and hold your child's arm down so that the probe is surrounded by arm and armpit. Note: when you take the temperature under the arm, do not add 1 to the temperature you see on the thermometer. This "correction" doesn't work with everybody. (I have seen babies who had unnecessary spinal taps because parents mistakenly added 1 to what was on the thermometer.) Instead, tell your doctor what temperature the thermometer showed, and where you took the temperature. This will give your doctor a much better idea of what your child's temperature actually.

Orally Place the probe under the tongue, and as far back under it to one side or the other as you can. (The farther back under the tongue you have the probe, the faster and more accurate the measurement.) Rectally warning: do not take a rectal temperature on small babies unless your doctor asks you. Putting a thermometer in the rectum may injure the baby. First lubricate the probe with Vaseline. Then place the probe in the anus, so that the temperature-sensitive part of the probe is completely inside. In the ear Follow the instructions that came with your thermometer (some models are different from others). What should we do about the fever?

Home Treatment: fever Intervention

They are almost all battery-operated (if you buy one, you should also get a spare battery or two and very hard to break. They also register the temperature faster than glass thermometers, and beep when they have finished measuring the temperature. I recommend these thermometers especially for small children. Note: The numbers and the decimal point on digital thermometers are very pretty. That does not mean that a digital thermometer is more accurate than a mercury thermometer, or than other kinds of thermometers.

The inexpensive digital thermometers sold in drugstores can be less accurate than mercury thermometers, although the digital thermometers we use in our offices are usually more accurate (and harder to break, too). Don't assume that the digital thermometer will read a temperature accurately just because it's digital. Ear Thermometers These use electronic sensors to measure the temperature of the eardrum, which happens to be very close to the brain's thermostat. They are very fast, but have to be in the ear canal within sight of the eardrum, which makes them hard to use on small babies and children with curved canals. (Babies' ear canals are smaller and more twisted than in older children. It's actually not easy even for us to see a small baby's eardrums in the office or hospital. We use ear thermometers often in offices and emergency rooms because of their speed, but they may not be all that great at home, and I personally don't use ear thermometers to take a small baby's temeperature. Temporal (Forehead) Thermometers There are also thermometers that measure temperature of the forehead or temples; some of these are strips of liquid crystals that change colour with temperature, while other, newer thermometers use infrared scanning similar to that of the ear thermometers.

Fever, guide: causes, symptoms and

How do i take a temperature? How you take a temperature depends partly on how mask old your child is, and partly on the kind of thermometer you use. Kinds of Thermometers, glass Thermometers, the old-fashioned mercury-filled glass thermometer takes a long oppakken time to work. They are also illegal in many areas. Mercury is poisonous, and very hard to clean up if it's spilled. Some communities now offer free non-mercury thermometers to people who turn in their old mercury thermometers, so that they can collect the mercury and dispose of it safely. Also, mercury thermometers are made of glass, and broken glass is also hazardous. If you have a mercury thermometer, you should dispose of it - promptly and properly (and not in the regular garbage!). Electronic digital Thermometers These come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all consist of a "probe" which produces an electric signal that depends on temperature and a display (usually in numbers) that shows you the temperature.

fever treatment at home

Hay fever - diagnosis and treatment

Thus it's not always a good idea to try and bring down a fever all the way. Of course, fevers do make you uncomfortable. More important, high temperatures can cause problems, including seizures creme in some people (although seizures don't usually happen unless your temperature is 104-105 or higher). Unless your doctor tells you to, don't try to bring your child's temperature all the way down.6, because that may actually prolong the illness by delaying your body's efforts to kill bacteria and viruses. We define "fever" as a temperature of 100.4 f or higher. Unless your doctor suggests it, you shouldn't give anything for fever unless your child's temperature is 100.4 or higher (and possibly not unless it's higher than 101). (As always, remember that not all doctors do things the same way; if your doctor gives you different advice, you should follow it - after all, your doctor knows your child better than I can.).

Reddy's Pediatric Office on the web. Tm, what is a fever? Many people think that a "fever" is any temperature above.6 degrees Fahrenheit (equal.0 degrees Celsius). However, our temperatures change constantly during a normal day. We tend to be cooler when we're asleep (especially at night and warmer when we're awake and active. The "thermostat" in our brain, which controls blood flow to the skin (more when we're warm, less when we're cool sweating (also more when we're warm and less when we're cool) and shivering (we shiver when we're too cool tries most of the time. When we are sick, whether from an infection or payot from other causes, our thermostats turn the temperature. This actually helps when you have an infection: a fever helps your body get rid of bacteria and viruses, many of which will grow well at normal body temperatures but not at the higher temperature of a fever.

Fever - diagnosis and treatment

(NaturalNews) A fever is your body's way of fighting an infection during maken a flu or infection. Suppressing a fever is not advised, as the fever will kill the bacteria and virus. However, high fevers can be dangerous, especially for small children. Natural medicine has numerous treatments to reduce a high fever. 1) Add a half cup of vinegar to lukewarm bath water and soak for five to ten minutes. 2) boil artichokes and cook until soft. Eat the bottom part of the leaves. 3) Add one teaspoon of tulsi leaves to one cup of hot water, steep for five minutes, and drink three to four times a day.

Fever treatment at home
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    Emerg Infec Dis.: 742-749. Cover your arms, hands, legs, and head to protect yourself from bites. What are home remedies for a fever? Lymph nodes — for swelling (a sign of nearby infection).

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    Fever may help to fight infection, so there is a controversy about whether fever should be treated routinely or only if it is particularly severe. We usually treat for three to six months before repeating the valley fever test. Cook and store foods properly to avoid food poisoning. Aedes aegypti and, aedes albopictus, mosquitoes.".

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    These seizures usually occur at the beginning of an illness when temperature rises rapidly. And European travelers to these at-risk countries is low, vaccination is advised for most international travelers to these countries, because yellow fever has no cure and can be deadly. In some cases, the body isnt up for the job; these dogs may need lifelong treatment.

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    Chronic (long-term) conditions associated with inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis. "Dengue hemorrhagic fever -. Prognosis For most fevers caused by common infections, the person either recovers on their own or the doctor is able to identify and treat the cause.

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